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For the first time a drug was created by Syntex Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of bone disease and anemia. Much later. Thus began the use Anadrol in medicine and sport. Today oksimetalon reviews have also noted the success of the steroid in the treatment of patients suffering from immune deficiency syndrome. If you want to oksimetalon buy, you must first meet with favorable anabolic effects.

Advantageous Effects

Anadrol – tableted product (oil is an injectable form, as well). Recognized as a very powerful anabolic androgenic high index. By the beneficial effects may include:

Accelerated growth of muscles. Oxymetholone allows athletes and bodybuilders for a short time to build up the necessary kilos of muscle. There has been a record – up to 18 kg.

The increase in power performance. The athlete feels that becomes stronger and hardier.

Eliminating joint pain. Since steroid promotes the accumulation of fluid in the body, the joints no longer feel pain.

It reduces the concentration of globulin. Reducing globulin affects the increase in the amount of testosterone.

Well-established himself as a drug to prepare for a competition.

It changes the composition of the body. The drug is able to create a sense of a massive body strong even without intensive training.

It is a good fat burner fat in the abdominal area.

Side effects of the drug

With the proper observance of the dosage and duration of the course oksimetalon athlete can protect against side effects. But due to the fact that the drug is very powerful, with negative effects still need to learn. If you’re determined to oksimetalon buy, you should know that Anadrol is very toxic to the liver. Continuous reception anabolic capable of cause a number of diseases. Repeatedly in oksimetalon review has been written about the fact that you need to correctly select the dose, taking into account individual characteristics of the organism.

Other side effects include fluid retention, gynecomastia, elevated blood pressure. Some athletes was seen diarrhea and nausea. The drug has an effect on appetite, but also inhibits the natural production of androgens.

How to take the drug?

Take the drug should be adult men to build muscle and increase strength. Course duration – up to 6 weeks. The maximum recommended dose – 100 mg per day. Raising the dosage may be encountered with a large number of side effects. Beginners are advised to take up to 50 mg per day. In case of adverse effects, anabolic intake should be suspended. Experts advise using a steroid with testosterone boosters, high-quality diet.