Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin

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Nandrolone was first synthesized in 1950, but widely used in sports practice, he found only a few years later. In bodybuilding, nandrolone remained until now – together with testosterone and methandrostenolone it reigns here virtually unchallenged (even though in the west – in the same US’s position very recently weakened), but from other sports, especially Olympic steroid almost completely gone. This is due to the advent of sensitive gas chromatography-mass spectrometer that can determine long-lived metabolites of the steroid for more than two years after the end of his administration. But this does not mean that doping scandals nandrolone forever disappeared from the headlines. Conversely.

Those of you who are interested in football, is unlikely to forget the wave of positive tests for nandrolone in Italian, French and Spanish championships. Christophe Dugarry, Fernando Couto, Yap Stam, Edgar Davids, Josep Guardiola – this is not a complete list of the victims’ nandrolonovoy war. ” Not forgotten, and the unfortunate fate of the Russian footballer Igor Shalimov, suspended in Italy just for the use of nandrolone. Not far behind the king and queen of sports – athletics. In 1999, the world was shocked: the two outstanding sprinter of our time – the Briton Linford Christie and a resident of Jamaica, and now the athlete from Slovenia Marilyn Otti – blood was found banned drug, it turned out, as you must have guessed, the nandrolone. A year earlier, it hurts less famous sprinter, but, as the European champion in the women’s 200-meter arcs Walker, the two thousandth was the last year in the career of an American shot putter CJ Hunter. But you can still remember the Czech tennis player Peter cord, British swimmer Mark Richardson – and it’s only the big names.

Welcome to all the scandals belonged to the 70-80-th years, but they began to emerge as the times when, apparently, no longer exists in the world of the athlete, not aware of the impossibility of the use of nandrolone hide from the watchful eye of doping control. In addition, there are a lot of steroids available top athletes and can not be identified with the help of doping tests. What’s the matter? The answer, as always, was lying on the surface. It was found that 19-nortestosterone and theoretically can be synthesized by itself in the human body, there are several ways. But this theory, empirical evidence of this fact yet. Recently, studies have, however, proved that the possible precursors (precursors) nandrolone – 19-and 19-norandrosterone noetioholanolon – still synthesized by the human body, and in 10% of the world live in an amount 4 times larger than normal. And they can be one of the culprits of false-positive doping tests nandrolone. After recognition of this fact, the charges against Marilyn Otti and Doug Walker were dropped.

The second culprit – nandrolone, which is part of veterinary drugs, without which no longer thought of livestock. Consumed in food, meat may contain quite a number of metabolites of nandrolone. And finally, the third culprit could be completely legal until recently prohormones, combined with heavy training, stress and dehydration, they were able to lead to increased levels of endogenous precursors of nandrolone in the body 5 times. It is believed that prohormones triggered a positive test for nandrolone Richardson and Hunter. There are, however, yet another explanation of these scandals, which prefer not to mention the “vain.” The fact is that until recently good and very cheap “screen” that hid nandrolone metabolites from the watchful eye of doping laboratories was aspirin. Now this “screen” know how to “shine” through and through.

But let us leave the doping control aside and proceed directly to nandrolone. The structure of the molecule is almost identical to that of the steroid testosterone molecule. Except for one “small” detail – it does not have a methyl group and the other 19. It is also very common, the name of nandrolone – 19 Nortes-tosteron.

Due to the elimination of a methyl group, nandrolone gained the ability where as better stabilize the androgen receptors, ie, the existence of complex “Nandrolone + ar” over the lifetime of a similar complex with testosterone, and not just more, but 2-3 times the commercials. And you can imagine: more time to the androgen receptor is in an activated state – more protein the cell can synthesize.

Not everyone, however, so good. A large part of the free nandrolone is converted to dihydronandrolone (DGN), which has much (about the same 2-3) less actual nandrolone. DGN, inter alia, suppresses permeability signal on the nerve fibers, in practice this means and reduced libido weakening neuromuscular stimulation. However, the conversion of nandrolone in DGN does have a positive side – nandrolone exhibits reduced activity in the prostate, skin, and the skin of the head. Simply put, it takes this medication athletes are much less susceptible to the side effects of testosterone like prostate hypertrophy, acne or hair loss.

Nandrolone is not affected by aromatase. Despite this, it is still converted to estrogen, but in very small quantities: five times smaller than testosterone. At the same time it is known that nandrolone has a pronounced progestogenic activity, which may lead, at doses above 600 mg of the drug per week, gynecomastia.


Here is a case where a decisive role is played by genetic differences. For some athletes Nandrolone – just a great drug, while others use it (especially the “long” nandrolone esters) is nothing but problems will not bring. These “others” – athletes with a high content in the muscle fibers of the enzyme 5 -? – Reductase or sensitive to progesterone. The first of the “other”, however, may try to replace nandrolone decanoate finilpropionatom, which will be discussed a little later. The second is to restrict weekly dosing regimen, not exceeding 300-400 mg or used in conjunction with nandrolone stanozolol. The rest nandrolone can give very impressive results in a set weight, although in this matter it is still inferior to the acknowledged leader – testosterone. Just as testosterone, nandrolone promotes activation of satellite cells and increase IGF-1 levels in the blood, resulting in muscle hyperplasia. However, this dosage should be higher than in the case of testosterone – over 600 mg per week. By the way, at dosages of the order of 800-1000 mg per week nandrolone promotes water retention by the body is not only not less, but even in some cases better than that, as testosterone. During the period of “drying” and the preparation for a competition to use nandrolone decanoate is absolutely inappropriate.

Use of Nandrolone has a beneficial effect on the joints. This fact was previously attributed to “the accumulation of water in the joint capsules as a result of nandrolone,” and, as a consequence, the facilitation of the functioning of the joints. In fact this is not true. More precisely, this is not all.

Strictly speaking, there is no more water in the joint capsules under the influence of nandrolone does not accumulate. Nandrolone, which is quite strong progestin (20% of the power of progesterone) and has the capacity, although mild enough to transform into estradiol, water retention in the body. From joint capsules water just does not go away, as is the case with the use of drugs with anti-estrogen (drostanolone) or antiprogestagennoy (stanozolol) activity. “Cycle”, which are used for example only trenbolone, stanozolol and drostanolone, has a good chance against the background of hard training to put a strong enough impact on your joints. In addition, it should be noted that, as progestins and estrogens (above a certain concentration in the blood plasma) possess anti-inflammatory properties. And since nandrolone, as has been said, has progestogenic activity, and is able to transform into estradiol, he should have a beneficial effect on the joints. And to cope with this task steroid better than their “brothers”, like testosterone, methandrostenolone or oxymetholone, which is inherent in that any one – or progestogenic activity or propensity to flavoring.

But as for the growth of muscle strength, there is not so good. Nandrolone does not help the recovery of the central nervous system after the load. Here it is necessary to consider that nandrolone is very strongly inhibits the production of endogenous testosterone, and hence the conductivity of nerve fibers at the time of his application falls, making it virtually useless to increase muscle strength, and can also cause this unpleasant phenomenon, as a violation of erectile function (the people referred to as “Deca Dick”). That is to say, the use of nandrolone is justified only if it is used together with a strong androgen, at least the same testosterone.

Side effects          

Nandrolone is very strongly inhibits the body’s production of testosterone, in this regard it is practically a leader. This is due to the fact that long-lived metabolites of nandrolone also have progestogenic activity, and indeed nandrolone in the body is very long. As a result – mass-found “on Nandrolone” is very difficult to keep. At the same time, problems associated with the flavoring, this steroid virtually no inherent risk of gyno and excess water retention accompanied only receive high (over 600 mg per week) doses.


Effective dosages nandrolone starting with 200 mg per week and leave almost … “infinity”. There are cases of nandrolone decanoate professional level athletes in dosages of about 800 mg per day! (It is necessary, however, to say that the recent professional athletes refuse to use nandrolone, considering this drug, so to speak, “yesterday”). It is not necessary, however, to bother with such doses – most of you are professional-level hardly ever achieved – the upper limit of consumption of nandrolone set to 1 gram per week.

On the basis of a sufficiently long half-life of nandrolone decanoate, you can recommend it to the injection once every 7-8 days, although I personally am in favor of more frequent injections, even long-lived products – so you can provide a more stable level of steroid in the blood.

Combination with other drugs         

Nandrolone is rarely used alone – to be the only steroid cycle is, nevertheless, with testosterone and even trenbolone. “Classic” is considered to be a combination of nandrolone with methandrostenolone – indeed, these two steroids are synergistic. But the effectiveness of its superior combination of nandrolone with testosterone (typically employ one “part” of nandrolone into two “parts” testosterone, i.e., testosterone must be taken twice). This combination has a special meaning for reasons that have been outlined above. The combination of all three of the following drugs is almost set for the best possible weight. At the same time a lot, “acquired” by means of this steroid, it is very hard to keep, so nandrolone in any case should not be the last in a steroid cycle, in the second half of the cycle, it is expedient to replace boldenone or methenolone.

The use of women           

I must say that nandrolone in 50-60 years of the last century, is widely used for the treatment of women in traditional medicine. Prior to the 90s of the same century it was actively used by women in sports practice. Shake the position of nandrolone experiments Goossens and Heinonen. In the first case, nandrolone decanoate women took a dose of 50 mg every 3-4 days, and 50% of them have experienced the phenomenon virilization. In the second case virilization phenomena were observed in all subjects, but about dosages nothing was said. However, the dosage of 100 mg per week (50 mg every 3-4 days) for women can really be regarded as manifestly excessive. In an experiment conducted in 1996, the dose of nandrolone decanoate, again, was very low – 30 mg every two weeks. There have virilization phenomena not experienced one. These dosages should be considered extremes, and those who definitely wanted to experiment with nandrolone, can advise “balance” between them, choosing to start a dose of 50 mg once every ten days, and it is gradually increasing to a level of 75-100 mg once those the same ten days. Naturally, at the first signs of virilization receiving the drug should be discontinued immediately.

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