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To increase muscle mass, bodybuilders successfully used anabolic steroids such as methandrostenolone or Danabol, reviews about it the most positive in the majority. In addition to impressive achievements in sports, this drug is used for rapid recovery, treatment of burns, as well as to improve the overall tone at the fairer sex.

Over the course of six weeks, the athlete can achieve weight gain up to two kilos per week – all thanks to active anabolic property to retain water in the body. The minimum dosage is 10-20 mg per day for those who are just starting to play sports, and 50 mg for professional bodybuilders.

The main advantages of the steroid

Using this tool, you can impressively and quickly gain muscle mass.

It accelerates protein synthesis.

Against the background of the use Danabol observed anti-catabolic effect.

Power figures are rising.

Strengthens bone system.

This is an easy fat burner.

Improves the absorption of protein and calcium.

Increased appetite.

Adverse Reactions

Danabol disrupts the function of the liver when taking the drug for a long time. In addition, the blood pressure may rise, engagement heartbeat against the raised body water. Excessive use of the drug can be acne.

What other possible negative effects at excessive doses?

Increased blood pressure (blood pressure).

Increased libido throughout the cycle, and then a temporary decline.



Masculinization of women.

Course Danabol solo

Danabol solo is quite popular among athletes. One of the main advantages is the combination of low price and excellent performance. Thus, the steroid during the entire course of treatment provides a continuous muscle growth. Just a month manage to achieve impressive results – an increase for the period is eight to ten kilograms of muscle mass. Despite the fact that the active substance methandienone retains liquid percentage of its muscle negligible. The bulk of the fluid allows the well to increase volumes and better identify muscle.

In the course of the solo part Danabol 100 tablets – is one pack of 20 tablets Proviron and the same number of Clomid. It is the most common course of anabolic steroids among those who have just started bodybuilding. Tablets are taken throughout the day – only one receiving a daily dosage. Take tool can be before or after a meal with a drink copious pills. Danabol means you can always buy in a specialty store for everyone at an affordable price.

Before you start a course, you should always consult with a specialist. He will recommend ideal dosage for you. A coach will pick up a scheme of classes. The only way to achieve real progress.

When methane is contraindicated?

Up to twenty-one, you can not take this steroid.

When hypertension such anabolic – a taboo.

In the presence of cardiovascular disease the drug is contraindicated.

If there are diseases of the liver.

In hypertrophy of the prostate.

Combined courses

Because of the high frequency of side effects, many athletes combine methandrostenolone reception with other anabolic steroids. The same applies in cases where at the use of methane is observed only a fairly small positive effect. As a result of the combination with other drugs increases the effectiveness of the course. At the same time reduces the incidence of adverse reactions due to negative differences in the pharmacodynamics of funds.

Great helper to build muscle will be in addition to Danabol drugs such as testosterone and nandrolone. The same is true of Sustanon and trenbolone. The list should be added, and Primobolan.

If you decide to use Danabol how to take it, you can always learn, to see a specialist. He will select the correct dose, and prescribe the necessary duration of the course.